Diversity & Inclusion at Rexel

Our ambitions are to:

  • Enable all people to fulfill their full potential.

  • Recognize all people for who they are.

  • Provide equitable opportunities for everyone based on merit.

  • Give each person a voice.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion@Rexel USA

Our Mission: “Together, strengthening and defending equity, equality, and inclusion within our work and community.”

Rexel USA has made great strides to position ourselves to be one of the “Best Places” to work. To further those efforts we recognize the need to become more diverse, more equitable, and more inclusive. However, we can not do this in isolation. We need everyone’s collective effort. Everyone has a part that they can play. Make your “drop” count!

Supporting and creating equal opportunities for all employees.

Women in Rexel (WIRe) is a community that promotes collaboration, encourages development, and inspires empowerment by creating an environment that recognizes the value of our individual diversities”

Minority Professionals in Rexel (MPIRe) strives to serve the community of minority employees and allies of minority employees at Rexel by providing a safe space where each person involved feels seen, valued, and heard.
Our guiding principles are: Empower| Community | Educate | Belonging | Trust | Build & Sustain