Our Values

Our values capture our driving principles as the ‘Rexel way of doing business’. They ensure consistency throughout all areas of the business and across boundaries. These values apply to all of our employees. They capture what we stand for and are what makes us unique.

Deliver the best customer experience

We anticipate market changes and take initiative to seize opportunities. We draw inspiration from our customer by understanding their requirements. We always look for creative paths to help customers to create more value.

Engage people to develop their talents

We respect colleagues and treat them in a fair and constructive way. We strive to lead by example and implement best practices. We coach for success and empower our teams.

Enjoy making a difference

We continuously look for ways to recognise and celebrate excellent performance. We love to instil passion and pride and inspire our teams. We act as champions and ambassadors to make Rexel the partner of choice.

Trust each other

We hold each other accountable for promises and responsibilities. We count on our people to live up to the demanding standards in business ethics. We commit to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.

Encourage to innovate

We think out of the box and adopt a positive attitude towards change. We learn from achievements and setbacks to constantly improve. We develop new business models and inventive ways to increase value creation.

Join forces for success

We team up with all stakeholders for mutually rewarding partnerships. We constantly promote teamwork beyond boundaries and disciplines. We recognise the value of diversity and variety of expertise and experience.